When Anti-Reflective Coating Makes Sense

Anti-reflective or AR coating on glasses eliminates reflections of light from the front and back surface of eyeglass lenses. By having fewer reflections allows more light to pass through the lens making it more transparent.

In contrast to regular lenses, anti-reflective coatings can virtually eliminate the reflection of light, which allows 99.5 percent of available light to pass through the lenses and enter the eye for undistracted vision.

By eliminating the glare, people are able to see your eyes and facial expressions much more clearly.

Besides the cosmetic advantages though, glasses with AR coating mean less glare coming from street lights while driving at night and much more comfortable vision for those who sit in front of a computer for a long period of time. If you are a truck driver or computer programmer, you should definitely look into frames that include AR coating.

If you enjoy reading outside or have other hobbies such as knitting where looking close-up is required you may want to take a look into a pair of the very popular Oxygen frames, that include AR coating. This means you can enjoy all your favorite activities and hobbies outdoors without that annoying glare that the sun can often bring.

4th of July and summer vacations are quickly approaching. Get a new pair of readers now and start enjoying this great time of year with fewer distractions!


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