Eye Injury Prevention

Did you know more than one million people suffer from eye injuries each year in the United States? Did you also know that 90% of these injuries could have been prevented if the individual was wearing appropriate eyewear?  This shows you that eye injuries are more common than you would think and many of us aren’t careful enough with our eyes when in a potentially dangerous environment.

With July being Eye Injury Prevention Month, we thought it would be a good time to discuss how to protect your eyes in various potentially dangerous situations:

  • At home, when using chemicals such as cleaning detergents, make sure to read the instructions and labels carefully. Also, make sure to work with these chemicals in well-ventilated areas with the point spray nozzles pointing away from you!
  • In a factory or workshop, always wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from flying fragments, fumes, dust particles and even splashing chemicals. You would think this would be common sense but many times many of us neglect wearing that protective eyewear which could turn into a huge problem!
  • When working on a car, a pair of eye goggles should always be not just nearby but actually worn. That is because battery acid, sparks and debris can potentially fly from the engine area and into your face and eyes.  In case of a breakdown, always keep a pair of goggles in your glove compartment or trunk so they are always with you.
  • If you do a lot of yard work always be aware of rocks or stones near the area you are working in and again always wear a pair of protective goggles. That is because machines such as lawn mowers and power trimmers can potentially pick up these particles, shoot them into the air and in some cases land in a person’s eye.

You only get one set of eyes. Protect them just like you would protect any other part of your body. Use common sense and protective eyewear, such as the Eyedefend CrossTrain Military Ballistic Shield and hopefully you won’t be part of the above statistic!

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