All About the Temples

When anyone chooses a pair of glasses including readers or sunglasses they usually look first at the lenses and frames. Another very important part though of any pair of eyewear is the temples.

The temples, also known sometimes, as the arms are the part of the glasses that will secure the frame front and keep the glasses on the ears.

Temples are usually made via plastic or metal and have a lot of differences between them. That includes differences in strength, flexibility and the reaction your skin will have from them.

Metal temples are usually more robust to breaking and bending compared to plastic. Plastic temples, in contrast are usually lighter. Your choice will usually depend on the activity you are participating in with your glasses.

Usually, when a temple is bent or broken it can be replaced and doesn’t require an entire new pair of glasses.

Some frames including NICO and Elements come with two different sets of templates so in the case that one breaks or bends you have another that can easily be installed.

Spring hinged temples are another option you may want to look at. They offer a wider opening of the temple without it breaking.  These are probably beneficial for those with larger heads and faces.

No matter, which type of temple you choose, it’s all about comfort and choosing the frames and temples that feel best on you!

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