The Various Types Of Eyeglass Cases

Purchasing a pair prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses or readers is an investment just like anything else.  Whether they cost five dollars or five hundred dollars they need to be cared for.

That includes not only cleaning them but also protecting them when not worn.  The best way to protect your glasses is with an eyeglasses case. They can increase the longevity of your glasses for a much greater period of time.

Like though with everything else there are a variety of different cases to choose from.

  • Soft eyeglass cases are the most popular amongst those who only need their glasses for reading and usually don’t take them out of the house. These cases are made from materials such as leather or vinyl and sometimes include a zipper or magnetic strip as a means of fastening the case.
  • In contrast, a sturdier eyeglass case option is the case that is hard in nature. They usually have hinges in the back so the case opens much like a chest. With most hard cases the inside is softly lined to avoid scratching the lenses while being stored.  Usually made of plastic, the hard shell can protect the glasses from accidentally dropping them or even sitting on them.  These are usually the recommended type of case for children and young adults.
  • There is also such a thing as a semi-hard case. These cases are usually the most versatile as they are made from sturdy fabrics and include a soft inner lining seen in soft cases but also include a hard vinyl insert between the layers to offer protection for the actual frames.

No matter which type of case you choose, a case is better than no case! Some even come from eco-friendly materials and others can even be used as a fashion statement.

Happy case shopping!

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