How To Know its Time for Reading Glasses

Once you hit around the age of 40, you find your body changing in a variety of ways. That could include balding, going grey and squinting when reading.

With your hair you can either color it or perhaps get a toupee. But for the squinting your best option is getting a pair of readers!

When we reach a certain age, for many of us we start to develop what they call presbyopia.

Normally, when we are younger our eyes can focus on fine details like printed words due to the flexibility of the eye’s lens. As we age though, our eyes lose that flexibility, making it harder to sharply focus on the fine details of objects held at close distances.

Besides struggling to read, you may have presbyopia if you get frequent unexplained headaches, eye fatigue or even eye strain. It simply means you are having trouble refocusing your eyes.

After getting a dilated eye exam, the best medicine may simply be putting on a pair of reading glasses. These glasses are available in increments of 0.25 magnification anywhere between +100 and +500.

It’s important that you get reading glasses at a strength that matches the amount of correction your vision requires. You should determine the lowest strength that properly brings fine details into focus. If you get reading glasses that are too strong, this could result in a variety of new issues including eye fatigue and headache. One test you may want to take can be found by clicking here.

Don’t get frustrated though. A stylish pair of readers from Optx 20/20 will help get rid of the pain and frustration and keep your vision crystal clear for years to come!

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