What Is Flexible Metal?

We all want to be comfortable. Whether it is with the shoes we put on in the morning or the pajamas we put on in the evening. Comfort makes us happy.

Your eyeglasses should also be comfortable. For many they sit on our face most to all of our days. No one will feel good wearing uncomfortable glasses.

So you may ask what types of glasses are comfortable? What type of frame will feel good on my face?  While this can be a very subjective question and everyone will give you their opinion, you more than likely will get no negative feedback from a pair of frames that use flexible metal.

Flexible metal glasses are metal memory frames that can be twisted and bent and not lose their original shape.  They are much lighter and more durable than traditional metal frames and can withstand much more abuse.

While reading and wearing a pair of readers is a very calm action if you are afraid of snapping the frames or breaking the bridge in transit, you should definitely consider flex metal readers.

Optx 20/20 Flexreaders are all made of flexible metal. These contemporary designed frames include rubberized nosepieces and spring hinges, which make the frames even more comfortable as well as durable.

Grab a few pairs today! They are extremely affordable and will last for years to come.

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