Popular and Stylish Eye Glasses for Men

Whether they admit it or not, men can have the hardest time finding a style that suits them. And there are huge populations of men who haven’t a clue about what looks good, and perhaps more troubling, what doesn’t. There are so many styling cues to look for in a pair of glasses, but when it comes to finding glasses for a man, only a few things hold any importance: comfort, flexibility and durability.reading glasses styles for men

Eye Glasses Styles for Men

Flexible metal frames with spring hinges solve most of the concerns when it comes to glasses for a man. Spring hinges ensure that the frames won’t stretch out permanently over time, while flexible metal gives a man and his glasses the durability required to avoid multiple trips to the nearest drug store.

Feeling manly? Choose a frame style with a double brow-bar or a full-frame to give you that sturdy feel and solid, classic look. Aviator glasses for men have been back in style for quite some time. They offer a solid rim and unmistakable style especially for guys with larger, wider faces. Look for frames made from titanium, stainless steel or aluminum for your strongest options.

Looking for a way to bolster your sophistication? More and more men prefer rimless or semi-rimless glasses. These lightweight frames are the least durable, but offer a hint of sophistication.

What lens shape suits you best? If you have a smaller face, you should probably avoid smaller, circular or oval lens shape. Square and rectangular frames and lenses make a round face appear longer and thinner. If your face is more chiseled, rimless glasses with reflective lenses are a lightweight, classy option.

Whatever style, size, lens or frame you choose, there’s really only one way to find out which is best for you—try them on! Make sure the nosepiece is comfortable, supportive and adjustable. Be aware of how snug the frames feel around your ears and at your temple. Ask for help. Don’t worry, asking for advice about glasses for a man is nothing like asking for directions. There is no shame, especially when it comes down to looking (and seeing) your best!

What styles of reading glasses do you love—or hate—on men?

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