The Benefits of Aspheric Lenses

Compared to traditional lenses that have a bulgy, curved shape, aspheric lenses are lenses with less curvature. This means flatter and thinner lenses which equates to a slimmer profile on the wearers face.

In addition, aspheric lenses have a variety of not only cosmetic benefits but also benefits for vision.  Here are just a few examples:

  • For those that wear stronger prescriptions, aspheric lenses give users the ability to choose from more frame options.
  • Since the lenses are flatter and thinner they weigh less. This means much more lighter lenses on the wearers face.
  • Users are able to obtain a much better peripheral vision, which equals better vision when driving and biking.
  • Your eyes will have a much more natural appearance to them. In comparison, in many instances with traditional lenses farsighted people will have their eyes look magnified while people with nearsightedness will have their eyes appear smaller than they actually are.

In all aspheric lenses provide cosmetic benefits without compromising optical quality. They are even available with readers, including the popular eco-friendly Helium frames. Give a pair of glasses with aspheric lenses a try today!



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