Why Hydrotac Lenses Are Great

Have you ever gone out fishing with your sunglasses on and tried to carefully hook your bate on your rod? Perhaps you are a biker and are trying to read your odometer. Both of these activities are great but can become extremely frustrating if we can’t see what we are doing.

In addition, how annoying is it to do something you really enjoy and have to drag an extra pair of readers with you? You have nowhere to store them and if you do they have the potential of breaking.

Well, those times have now passed. Welcome to one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century! Welcome to Hydrotac lenses.

Hydrotac lenses turn any pair of glasses, including sunglasses into instant reading glasses. These soft reading lenses adhere with just water. No fancy tools or mechanisms needed.

Once you adhere them to the eyewear you can easily remove and reuse them as needed. You can even trim them for custom applications.

Simply clean your lens, apply water, position the Hydrotac lens and wipe dry with a cloth. It’s as simple as that.

Done are the days of having ten compartments of pockets and storage when leaving the house. Grab your Hydrotac and start enjoying these great outdoor activities just like you did 20 years ago.

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