Why Go Semi-Rimless

When choosing a new pair of readers you for sure have a tremendous amount of options. Do you want plastic or metal? How about color? Does dark work better or light? All are important, but what about style?

If you are looking for a discreet pair of readers, but also want to emphasize your face in some proportion you may want to look into semi-rimless glasses.

Semi-rimless frames have a variety of advantages you may or may have not thought of. That includes:

  • The intelligent look. With glasses such as the EcoClear Flora, which provides a focused, sophisticated appearance.
  • Compared to rimless, semi-rimless are much more durable as well as lighter than full rim frames.
  • By not having an outline on one end of the lens, these types of frames give the wearer a larger view to look through.
  • They put less pressure on the bridge of the nose.

A pair of semi-rimless frames may be the perfect accessory these fall months to not only make a fashion statement but also see much more clearly. Give a pair a try today; you just may fall in love!

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