Halloween and your Eyes

While Halloween is a great time for not only kids but also people of all ages, you will want to take proper precautions ahead of time if your eyes are involved in your costume.

For one, if you are thinking of wearing color contact lenses you should speak with your eye doctor ahead of time. That is because those types of contacts can do serious damage to your eyes. That includes scars to the cornea and damaged vision.

Never buy colored contact lenses from a retailer that does not ask for a prescription. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” contact lens.

If your costume involves fake eyelashes make sure none of the eyelash glue get into your eyes. It can potentially glue your eyelid shut and cause a trip to the ER.

The type of makeup you use on your face should also be considered as makeup not approved by the FDA could do a lot of damage to your eyes if they potentially come in contact.  That is because products that contain emollient laxatives, talc or hydrocarbons can be toxic.

To make your costume look and a way to guarantee that your eyes will be working great after the Halloween holiday, you may want to include a pair of unique readers to your outfit, instead.

For those dressing as a librarian a pair of Entwine would look great while a pair of Legend would help make for a great Clark Kent!

Halloween is an extremely fun holiday but always remember safety first! That includes with your eyes.



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