What does UV 400 Mean?

Whether it be going to the beach or going on a ski vacation this upcoming holiday season, you will more than likely want to have a pair of quality sunglasses nearby.  That is because the sun’s rays can do damage not to just your skin but your eyes.

That means you will want shades with UVA & UVB protection.  To protect your eyes at even a greater extent many forms of eyewear come in UV 400 protection. These lenses are capable of blocking rays as small as 400 nanometers so even the smallest of radiation is kept away from the eyes.

UV 400 protection is offered with many different types of eye protection items, ranging from sunglasses to safety goggles including the EyeDefend Slingshot Trek with bifocal that costs just $39.99!

So whether your athlete, outdoor worker or just about anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you will want a pair of eyewear that includes UV400 protection. Frames with this protection can help drastically in preventing many short and long-term eyes problems including cataracts and even eye cancer.

Start enjoying the outdoors without risking your eyesight; as well all know we only get one pair of eyes!

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