The Pros Of Buying Glasses Online

Whether it is reading glasses, prescription glasses or sunglasses there are a variety of benefits of buying glasses online.

For one and most obvious is the convenience. There is no running out to a store, spending money on gas and time trying on frames when you can be doing something else. With just a few mouse clicks a new pair of frames can arrive at your doorstep in almost no time. This is especially great for people in rural areas and handicaps where traveling to a store can be a challenge.

Returning is also simple and convenient when you buy online. Instead of having to make a second trip to the glasses store when you purchase online you have the ability to get a refund or replace them if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied within 30 days of the purchase.  Simply send them back!

The second benefit of buying glasses online is the cost savings.  Believe it or not, typical brick and mortar establishments have glasses that have been marked up approximately 400%. They have lights to keep on and rent to pay. Those costs go right to the consumer. By buying online, those extra costs are skipped.

The third benefit of purchasing online is the ability to get frames and diopter strengths that aren’t usually available in stores. For example, Optx 20/20 offers stylish frames that are available in +5.0 diopter.

Your time and money is valuable! Save both when purchasing reading glasses, eye accessories or sunglasses from Optx 20/20!

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