What Is Blue Light Lens Technology?

While many pairs of sunglasses these days come equipped with ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) protection from the sun’s deadly rays, did you know the sun also gives out blue light?

Blue light, which is part of the visible light spectrum can reach deeper into the eye which can then cause damage to the retina as well as contribute in the development of macular degeneration.

While the amount of exposure the eye receives from blue light can vary depending on time of day, location and season, on average, 30 percent of daily sunlight contains blue light.

Not all blue light is bad though. In contrast, some blue light actually is essential to our vision and general, overall health including our sleep cycle.

So how exactly can we block the harmful blue rays that are eyes are exposed to on a daily basis but still get the good blue light that assists with our overall health?

The answer is: new technology. This includes the use of a light scan that selectively filters out harmful blue light while allowing for beneficial, visible light, including good blue light to pass through while maintaining excellent transparency of the lens so there is no color distortion and wearers can continue to see with excellent clarity.

The brand-new Optx 20/20 Mossy Oak Camo Tournament Shades features this new technology. That means you get all the style that Mossy Oak provides while keeping your eyes healthy and protected at the same time.

Start 2016 off with a pair of these hot, new shades. You will for sure not be disappointed!

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