Defining Sunglass Lens Colors

While for many sunglasses are chosen because of how they look both on and off the wearers face. But did you know that different lens colors serve different purposes?  The tint of the lens can actually enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in particular environments.

For example, if the weather outside is sunny you are best protected when wearing lenses that are green, brown/amber, grey or pink. Partly cloudy days are also ideal for these types of tints. These colors are all good for general-purpose use as well as assisting with dimming glare while brightening shadows. In addition they provide good contrast in low-light conditions. The Aspen bifocal sunglasses and Slingshot Trek are both good examples of these.

If the weather is foggy or hazy out you may want to try lenses that are yellow or blue in color. That is because they provide greater clarity in fog, haze and other low light conditions. The Eyedefend Denali in burgundy is a good choice during these types of conditions and situations.

As you can see certain colors are better for certain situations. What works great for driving doesn’t necessarily work great for mountain biking or fishing?  Every situation is different and speaking with your eye doctor maybe a good thing to do before purchasing your next pair of shades!

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