The 411 On The Annoying Stye

Have you ever woken up with your eyelid looking like it went through a blender? No you weren’t hit in the eye, you simply obtained a stye.

Styes are inflamed oil glands or hair follicles on the eyelid. Styes can occur along the lash line (external) or under the eyelid (internal). Both versions provide an appearance of the eye being swollen, red and painful.

The causes of styes are from bacteria on the skin of the eye. Usually warm compresses can help alleviate the pain and help the eye heal. This could take about a week. If that doesn’t relieve the symptoms medication and surgery could potentially be needed.

If you do experience a sty, don’t use eye make-up or wear contact lenses. In addition, never squeeze the sty.

To avoid future styes avoid touching your eyes and if you do touch them make sure your hands are clean.  For women, wash make-up brushes and replace mascara and other eye make-up accessories.

While many believe a stye can be caused from new eyeglasses that is a complete myth.  Styes have nothing to do with glasses worn and can be a good way to hide a stye while it is healing as it can help prevent a person from touching their eye. It can also be a great cosmetic remedy!


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