Which Hinge Is Right For You?

When looking for a pair of glasses the first thing you probably look at are the frames.  Is your preference rimless or semi-rimless? Perhaps metal over plastic? There are a lot of decisions to be made.

One other one you may not have thought of that is also important when choosing readers or sunglasses is comfort. If the glasses look great but don’t feel good on you, then you probably won’t like them for very long.

One part of the comfort aspect of glasses are the hinges that connect the lenses with the temples.  While many of us may think there is just one type of hinge, in 2016 there are a large variety.

Here is a deeper look and the advantages each have:

Standard Hinges
Standard hinges are the most common type of hinges glasses come with. Very similar to door hinges, this method is one of the oldest types of hinges found on glasses. Standard hinges are made up of barrels that fit into each other like a zipper with a small screw that slides into the middle to keep the barrels in place. The more barrels there are the stronger the hinge will be. Most glasses with standard hinges feature three barrels however some glasses can come with hinges that have up to six. Standard hinge glasses have a variety of advantages including that they are easy to repair and can be repaired without the need of a professional. These hinges are also extremely durable if you are one that is rough with your frames.

Spring Hinges
Glasses that feature spring hinges feature a small spring, which gives the temples a larger range of movement and doesn’t limit them to the traditional 90-degree angle. In general these types of frames provide ideal comfort for the wearer. If you are someone who participates in a lot of physical activity you will want to go with glasses that have spring hinges. That is because they cause the glasses to become snug on the users face, which is much, more ideal for activities such as running and jogging.

Hingless Frames
In recent years many glasses have come out without hinges all together. Most of these frames are sculpted to the fit the shape of the wearer’s head. In cases like this the frames are usually made of a strong material such as titanium and are usually rimless. What makes hingless frames ideal is that they are innovative and new. They are also very personalized as they are made specifically for the wearer and the wearers face.

As you can see, there are more options then you think when it comes to eyewear. That includes the type of hinge the glasses include. Speak with your eye doctor as they can help assist you in determining which are the best for you!

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