How To Choose The Right Vision Insurance

As we age, routine eyes exams shouldn’t just be optional but mandatory. By doing this cannot only help preserve your vision but also assist in maintaining good eye health for years to come.

Visiting the eye doctor though can become expensive and for many of us, it isn’t a top priority. Luckily though there is vision insurance that can make routine eye care much more affordable. But like with everything else, there are options.

One option is a vision benefits package that covers services such as exams but requires a co-payment, similar to regular health insurance. There are also what they call vision discount plans where you pay fully for services but at a lower-than-normal retail price. Think of it as Costco for eye care.

No matter which product you purchase you get access to a network of eye care providers as well as products such as contact lenses and eyeglasses.

So which should you choose? The answer is it really depends on the needs of yourself and your family members.  There are a number of factors including which plan best fits your needs, which will save you the most money as well other determinants.

Basic services typically include an eye examination with dilation, an eyeglass frame, a pair of eyeglass lenses and, in some cases, contact lenses. It is rare that eye insurance will include procedures such as LASIK but some plans actually might.

No matter which you choose, visiting the eye doctor on a regular basis is a must. It will keep your eyes healthy and the most they may say is it’s time for a pair of readers!



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