Ways To Manage Eyestrains

Do you work long hours on the computer or in other close eye range environments? Are you experiencing headaches frequently? Dealing with blurred vision? You are probably experiencing eyestrain or computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Don’t worry though, there are many things you can do help fix this issue. Here are a few ideas:

Take Breaks

For every 60 minutes working in front of the computer, take at least a 2-minute break. During this break look away from the screen and close your eyes. This will provide your eyes with a chance to rest and prevent potential headache pain.

Utilize Eye Drops

Eye drops not only will help relieve redness but will lubricate and hydrate dry eyes. When used numerous times daily will prevent dry eye as well as reduce eyestrain.

Get a Pair of Readers

By getting a pair of reading glasses will help magnify images, which in turn will adjust the focal length and help see fine details again without the need for squinting. The more you squint the more you are potentially straining your eyes. Many frames such as the EcoClear Oxygen are very lightweight and stylish which provides you with a feeling that nothing at all is even on your face.

Remember regular checkups with your eye doctor or Optometrist are key to keeping your eyes safe and healthy. If you still are experiencing issues after trying the above remedies you may have a potentially bigger problem, which could mean other forms of treatment.

Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to start seeing clearly, pain free!


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