America’s Pastime and Sunglasses

The beginning of April means the start of spring weather for many parts of the country. It also means the start of major league baseball and opening day.

During the beginning few days of the season there are a lot of day ball games to kick the season off. That means wearing shades, not just for the fans but also for the players themselves.

But why do ball players wear shades while they are playing? The answer is, the color of the baseball is white, which is subject to a lot of glare. Glare can make it extremely difficult to see and hit the ball that is being pitched as well as when playing defense in the field.

Sunglasses, specifically polarized sunglasses can combat that glare. These types of shades include a filtering mechanism that deferentially reduces unwanted glare while letting in more of the desirable light needed for sharp vision – including hitting a fastball or catching a fly ball.

While some players wear shades while batting as it may obstruct their view, others wear them for all parts of the game. Your eye color can contribute to this. If you have light colored eyes such as blue or hazel you may have issue seeing in bright light compared to a person with dark brown colored eyes that may have less obstruction.

Both the Mossy Oak Tournament and Rockford shades are not only stylish but feature polarized protection lenses that will give athletes the perfect vision for playing America’s Pastime.

Play ball!




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