Understanding What Blue Light Is

When looking at sunglasses in the store or online you may have come across the term “Blue Light Lens Technology” in the description of the features. That includes in the new Mossy Oak Bulldog frame sunglasses.

But what exactly is Blue Light and Blue Light Lens Technology and how does it benefit the wearer?

Well many studies have shown that light can have a biological effect on our body including in helping us regulate our hormone balance. The hormone melatonin plays a significant role in regulating our sleep/wake cycle, and the light energy that we require for this process is largely absorbed through our eyes.

Another important factor in this process is that blue light that reaches our retina plays a part in ensuring our psychological well-being.  That is why light therapy is used to treat various illnesses including depression and insomnia.

Blue light also provides vitamins, which means that light stimulation can affect our metabolism.

In contrast though, too much blue light can damage the human eye as well as lead to painful inflammation in areas including the cornea and retina.

That is why it is so important to wear sunglasses such as the Bulldog frames that offer Blue Light Lens Technology and have 100% UV and IR protection. They are ideal during times of bright sunlight including when there is a lot of glare.

By understanding what is behind blue light will help in making your decision on why it is of the upmost importance to always have a quality pair of shades nearby!

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