A New Way To Go Green On Earth Day

With today being Earth Day, there are lots of ways to contribute. From planting a native tree, to saving on electricity and enjoying the great outdoors there are a lot of ways you can help make Earth Day a success.

Another great way to make a difference on Earth Day is by decreasing your plastic use. One way you can do this, with long-term benefits is buying a pair of Optx 20/20 EcoClear frames.

Eco-Clear frames are durable frames that aren’t just made of traditional plastic. They are made using earth-friendly plant materials including organic compounds derived from plant material.

While you think this maybe weird, these frames are extremely stylish and lightweight, which makes for a much better wearing experience for the user.

From the new Polarized Tournament Mossy Oak Shades to the highly popular Oxygen readers with anti-reflective lens coating there are a tremendous amount of styles available that will not only look fantastic but also provide you with a feeling that you are helping our great environment.

To make these glasses even more desirable, every pair of EcoClear Readers comes with a free earth-friendly bonus case. This will help keep your eco-friendly investment that much more protected.

Make a difference by seeing the world differently with EcoClear. Happy Earth Day!


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