Two Situations Where Hydrotac Lenses Come In Real Handy

There is nothing worse than having to read something up close and not having your reading glasses nearby. For many it could even lead to embarrassment, as you have to ask for assistance or it could even potentially lead to a mistake.

Here are two situations where you more than likely don’t want this to occur:

Passover Seder

If you are of the Jewish faith you more than likely participate in a Passover Seder. Before though you do the eating you hold a service with a Haggadah (small book) where you go around the table and read various passages of the history of Passover to the group you are sitting with. When it comes to your turn to read out loud, if you don’t have your readers nearby there is a good possibility you will struggle speaking and reading your section. This could lead to embarrassment in front of your family and close friends that take the holiday very seriously and you don’t want to disappoint.

The Voting Booth

With election season in full swing it is just a matter of time until we hit the voting booth and select our new leaders, both locally and nationally. Wouldn’t it not only be frustrating but really annoy you if you mistakenly voted for a candidate you didn’t have the intention to vote for? That could very likely happen if you head to your polling station without your reading glasses as we all know that those scanners have a lot of type and at times can be very confusing.

Luckily there is Hydrotac stick-on lenses. With them, you can turn any pair of eyewear into powerful bifocal magnifying lenses. That means your prescription glasses that you use for distance or your sunglasses you use when outside can quickly and easily become your readers.

No need to have to carry a second pair of eyewear to any important event or gathering such as the ones mentioned above. Simply get a pair of Hydrotac reading lenses today!

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