The Semi-Rimless Advantage

When choosing a new pair of readers you for sure have a lot of options.  Plastic, metal, rimless, the list goes on and on!

One option to consider that has a slew of benefits is semi-rimless readers.

Since they only have half the rim they reduce the weight of the glasses which makes them much more comfortable on your face as well as reduce the burden on your nose. In addition, with semi-rimless frames you can improve your vision, as there are less visual obstacles in front of you.

Semi-rimless readers are also very stylish and popular among all age groups. For example, the Hyper frames feature a sporty look that are lightweight, available in three colors and are unisex!  Oh yes, they are only $9.99!

The Fusion frames is another ideal pair of semi-rimless glasses. They deliver supreme comfort and feature oversized temples. Their retro looking design will for sure get you a ton of compliments! These great readers are also available in three distinct colors.

In the need for a new pair of readers, give a pair semi-rimless a try. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the benefits!

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