The 411 on Sunglass Tints

Spending time outdoors is something many of us for long periods of time during the summer months. Protecting your eyes isn’t optional but a necessity.

That is why it is essential to have a quality pair of sunglasses.  But what type of shades should you get? What type of style should you lean towards?

While your decision maybe made on what you feel looks best on you, one thing to consider in more depth is the tint of your shades. Here is a bigger breakdown based on the lifestyle you live:

  • If you live in an area that is very overcast in nature during the summer months, you may want to check out a pair of shades with a yellow tint to them. That is because shades with yellow tints improve depth perception, making them the ideal frame for driving. Everest EcoClear sunglasses as well as the EyeDefend Denali shades are for sure great choices.
  • For areas that experience blinding brightness, a pair of sunglasses with smoke lenses is your best bet! These dark-tinted lenses decrease glare tremendously while maintaining true color perception. A pair of Polarized Gear in Alpine White/Smoke will for sure solve that problem.
  • If your one that enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing or cycling, sunglasses with amber lenses is a great solution. Amber lenses block blue light, which heightens contrast and provides you with a brighter view on days that are cloudy.  The EcoClear Aspen Bifocal Sunglasses is for sure a match when it comes to that.
  • For those looking to keep color distortion to a minimum and subtly improve contrast on sunny days, sunglasses that have a green tint such as the Mossy Oak Bulldog shades is your best option. These shades are also a solid choice for all-purpose use.

As you can see, sunglass tints are more than just how they look on the wearers face. Different tints are ideal for different situations. By knowing more can help make better buying decisions in the future.

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