Three Ways To Make Your Eyes Stop Hurting After Swimming

With summer in full swing that can only mean cooling off in the swimming pool. For many of us though, our eyes tend to get red and irritated after we get out.  This is because the eyes are reacting to chloramine, which are chemical compounds that start to build up in the pool water if the pool lacks proper chemicals.

While the irritation will eventually go away in time, there are some methods that may soothe the eyes quicker. Here are a couple of options:

Option 1 – Flush Your Eyes

With this method you will want to splash and rinse your eyes with cold water. With this method hold your face over the sink and slowly pour water from a cup into one eye. Then repeat the process in the other. Once finished dry your eyes with a soft towel.

Option 2 – Apply A Compress

A cool compress such as a washcloth can help bring down any swelling and reduce irritation. Simply wet the cloth with cool water and drape over your closed eyelids for a few minutes. Eventually the sting will lessen.

Option 3 – Wear Goggles While Swimming

If you wear goggles in the pool you will prevent the exposure of the chloramine from hitting your eyes. This way you can see underwater and not feel any irritation afterwards. You can also install a pair of DiveOptx on the goggles, which will make that underwater experience that much clearer!

Swimming in pools are not only fun but also a great method for cooling off during the hot summer heat. Always take precautions and know what to do after the fact if an issue should occur.

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