Four Things Your Eye Doctor May Neglect To Tell You That We Wanted You To Know

A regular eye exam is an important part of keeping your eyes healthy.  That means bi-annually at minimum for people under the age of 40 and annually for people over the age of 40.

But not all eye doctors are the same and they may even neglect to tell you some stuff.

Here are just a few:

Extra Tests. Many times during the pre-exam, the doctor or nurse may offer a few additional tests including a test of your peripheral vision and eye dilation/macular pigment testing.  Unless you have a history of problems in these areas, these tests are usually unnecessary and will just cost you money.

Purchasing Readers and Glasses. In many situations, an eye doctor whether it be a ophthalmologist or optometrist office maybe connected to a eye glasses store. This way a patient can easily purchase glasses or readers after their exam – from them. In contrast though, often times you can purchase both prescription glasses and readers at a much more affordable price when you search online.

Prescriptions. It is a law that your eye doctor give you a prescription should you need glasses or contacts. This way you are not obligated to have to purchase them from the eye doctor’s office and can go anywhere you choose.

Adjustments. Did you know that 70% of glasses adjustments can be done on your own. While a professional is needed for more advanced adjustments, there are plenty of how-to websites that provide simple tutorials and steps on how to adjust your frames. This way even if you eye doctor doesn’t charge for the adjustment, you can still save on the gas and time needed to get there.


The more you know, the better your situation will be! Happy seeing.

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