Knowing Your Eyeglass Warranty

Many of us at one point may have had a problem with their glasses or readers. Whether it is a scratched lens, bent temple or missing nose pad, life happens.

Before though you get frustrated or run out to purchase a new pair, you should be aware of your warranty, what it includes and what the return policy is.

At Optx 20/20, every pair of eyewear includes a 30-day guarantee. That means if you purchased a pair of glasses with the last 30 days and aren’t completely satisfied, you can return the glasses in the original form and Optx 20/20 will replace them or refund the money.

When you purchase a pair of glasses from us you also get a limited lifetime warranty. This includes a manufacturing defect such as a loose temple or defective lens. It should be noted though that normal wear and tear along with lenses that have scratched for example due to keys in the pocket are not covered within the warranty terms and is the responsibly of the owner.

Be sure that anytime you purchase a pair of Optx 20/20 eyewear that you register it on our website and should you have damaged your glasses in a way that is not covered in the warranty, here is a few good tips on how you maybe able to fix them on your own.

When it comes to your eyeglasses warranty and return policy it is important to have all the information in advance. This way there is no surprises. For complete details on what is and isn’t covered visit or call our customer service line at 800-344-2020 – Ext 233.

Happy seeing!


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