Another Benefit That Readers Provide

Most people know reading glasses assist your eyes with reading. But reading glasses have a variety of other great benefits. That includes as a fashion accessory and with job interviews.

But did you know, that by wearing reading glasses could help reduce wrinkles?

That is because when we make the same expression over and over, such as squinting when reading, it eventually overworks our facial muscles, which leads to the forming of a groove beneath the skins surface.

Eventually that groove will become a wrinkle.

By wearing readers and keeping your eyes wide will prevent your skin from becoming groovy and lessen the potential of wrinkles.

The same thing applies to sunglasses. Many times when the sun is bright and we are outside, we start to squint to avoid the powerful rays from coming into direct contact with our eyes. That also can cause our facial muscles to overwork, which can lead to wrinkles.

Long story short, your eyes and seeing can have a direct effect on if you do or don’t develop wrinkles. Be on the safe side. When reading – such as a book, tablet, menu or magazine, keep a pair of readers nearby. When outside, keep a stylish pair of sunglasses by your side.

No more wrinkles!

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