Understanding The Differences In Sports Sunglasses

With everyone talking about the Olympics and the U.S. team winning tons of metals, it may not just be the training that is making them keep winning.  It may also be the eyewear.

Outdoor sports such as beach volleyball, golf and tennis that are performed during the games require a lot of concentration, especially with the bright sun.

Sports sunglasses can provide the edge for athletes who are looking for ways to improve their performance as sunglasses can help diminish glare and enhance contrast sensitivity.

But not all shades are created the same and certain tints can offer advantages for specific visual tasks and environments. For example, yellow tints are ideal for low-light and overcast conditions.

While preferences vary, in general, if you are an outdoor athlete, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shades with polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are lightweight and shatter-resistant. In addition, they block close to 100% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays without extra coatings needed.

It is also recommended for athletes to wear sunglasses that block high-energy visible radiation from the sun, also known as “blue light”.  That is because over time blue light can contribute to macular degeneration and other eye issues.

The new Mossy Oak Collection, including the Maylene and Bulldog frames include both 100% polycarbonate lenses as well as Blue Light Lens Technology so your eyes aren’t just protected but provide optimal vision to perform at your greatest ability.

Enjoy the Olympics and go Team USA!

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