Fun Facts About Your Eyes

While many of us wear glasses or contacts to help us see, our eyes are one very interesting part to our body! Some things you may not have even thought of.

Here are just a few super fun facts:

  • Healing. With the proper care, your eyes can heal within 48 hours of a corneal scratch!
  • Sneezing. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • Blinking. Your eyelids blink about 12 times every minute. Each blink lasts about 1/10th of a second.
  • Weight. Each eye weights about .25 ounces
  • Muscles. Out of all the muscles in your body, the eye muscle is the most active.
  • Warming Up. While other body parts take time to warm up, your eyes are at their full potential 24/7.
  • Tears. Newborns don’t produce tears. While they do cry, tears don’t start flowing until after being 4 weeks old.

Who would think your eyes, so small in nature could be so complex? While your eyes help you see the world there are a ton of other interesting facts about them.

Happy eye exploring!

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