The 411 On Diopter Strength

When going about picking a pair of reading glasses, especially for the first time, the first thing you probably think of is the style? Do you want plastic or metal, full eye or rimless?

All are important decisions but probably not the most important for your sight. That decision is based off the diopter strength you choose.

But what exactly is your diopter strength all about?

Well the optical power of the human eye is about 40 diopters. By the age of 25 though the ability to alter focus is usually reduced to about 10 diopters. By age 50 that power drops to 1 diopter.

This diminishing capacity for adjustment creates a condition known as Presbyopia, which leads to the need for reading glasses.

By wearing reading glasses compensates for the loss of natural adjustment.

Most diopters come in strengths of a quarter diopter over a range between 1 to 3 diopters. By having this range allows wearers to be able to self-prescribe their own readers by a simple trial and error process.

It should be noted though that Presbyopia sometimes affects your eyes differently. For example, +1.75 in the right eye and +1.50 in the left.  This is a normal occurrence and people are able to overcome their Presbyopia by using glasses that have the same diopter strength in each eye. For others, a custom prescription maybe needed.

Presbyopia is progressive, and therefore, the strength of magnification in your reading glasses will probably have to be increased every year or two.

You can always test your diopter strength anytime with our eye chart available right from our Facebook page.

If you do though have concerns or questions you should speak with an eye doctor immediately.

Happy seeing!

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