Voting and Your Glasses

While many of us have already early voted and others are getting ready to cast our ballet on Election Day there is one thing that is totally essential no matter who your candidate is.

It’s having your readers!

There is nothing worse then going to the voting booth and choosing the wrong candidate because you couldn’t properly see the choices. We all remember those “Butterfly Ballots”.

The ballets in many districts can be very long and worded in a very detailed way. Not only do you want to make sure you understand each question but that you also read the proposals wisely.

Before you go to the voting booth, on November 8th check out to make sure your readers are still the correct diopter for your eyes.

If you aren’t seeing clearly you may want to take a quick eye test on our Facebook page and perhaps invest in a new pair of readers.

Within a few days they will be shipped to your home, in time for Election Day and will confirm that you made the choices you intended to make this extremely important election season!

Remember every vote counts! Happy voting.

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