The Benefits Your Eyes Get From Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the most exciting, if not best meals of the entire year is Thanksgiving dinner. This incredible holiday towards the end of November is a great time to spend time with family, enjoy a multi-course home cooked meal and watch some football on the couch.

While many feel guilty after they stuffed their faces with turkey and all the fixings, Thanksgiving dinner delicacies do have some benefits for your health, including your eyes and vision!

Sweet potatoes for example are packed with nutrients including Vitamin A, Potassium and Vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals can help prevent the process of macular degeneration and other age-related eye problems to the retina and cornea.

Turkey itself has zinc in it, which can significantly reduce the risk of not only age-related macular degeneration but cataracts as well.

Cranberry sauce, another extremely popular Thanksgiving side is filled with Vitamin A & C nutrients, which can greatly help in preventing cataracts as well as permanent vision loss.

See, now you don’t have to feel so guilty. Some of the stuff you are putting in your body is actually good for you including benefiting your eyes.

Just remember to have a pair of readers with your during your feast as you will want to closely check out all those Black Friday circular deals!

Happy holidays from your friends at Optx 20/20!

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